I love your images how can I book a shoot?!

Email info@tillyblair.com and let us know what service you'd like to schedule and we will get right back to you with dates and times that might work!

When is payment due?

$100 deposit to hold the date. Full payment is due the day of your shoot. 

Do I need a hair and makeup stylist in order to book a shoot?

YES. Ladies either bring your own if you like working with a specific artist or we are happy to book one of our favorites for your shoot. Men is recommended, but not required (sorry ladies)! We want you to look your best and only focus on letting that beautiful essence of yours shine through. 

What do I get?!

A full service 2 hour shoot, clothing rack, steamer, wardrobe consult on set, time and space for hair and makeup and some delicious coffee/tea beverages.

Where do we shoot?

In our Williamsburg studio and several nearby outdoor locations. 

Can I customize my shoot?!

Sure can! Check out our rate page for more options. 

Can I talk to someone about my type/styling for the shoot?

YES! Meet with our image consultant Jacqueline to discuss your type as an actor, brand, & wardrobe options before your shoot!

$50 per half hour consult

Can't meet in person? (We get it we're busy too!) Schedule a phone session.

What happens after the shoot?

We will send you a link to an online gallery within a few days. You can make your retouching selects then.